Thursday, August 17, 2017

How Video Conferencing Has Changed the Business World

The benefits of video conferencing have been largely documented, although it is important to recognize how those benefits are changing the business world. Here is a closer look at how video conferencing has changed modern day business.

More Focus on Work

With video conferencing, the actual focus of work is now on the work itself. Many traditional jobs require painstaking commutes and lots of travel time spent going from meeting to meeting. Video conferencing alleviates those issues, but more importantly, it allows business professionals to focus on the specifics of their work. Furthermore, travel time can wear on professionals which means they will not always be at their sharpest during meetings and actual interactions.


The modern interview process has changed because of video conferencing capabilities. This has made it easier for candidates to apply for positions out of their local area. This has also opened up the pool of candidates for businesses. It has reached the point where many businesses and applicants actually prefer initial interviews via video conference Charlotte NC. There is also the advantage of fitting interviews into tight schedules since it does not require travel time.

Demand for Quality

The younger generation has grown up with technology and are very in-tune with all of its advantages. That has enabled video conferencing to break into the mainstream, but it also places a high demand on quality. High definition video solutions have become the norm for the younger generation and as those professionals grow into industry leaders, the staple for video conferencing will continually be raised. That has actually made the area of video solutions a much higher priority for businesses as young professionals now look for these resources when job searching.

Reduction In Costs

While purchasing new audio visual solutions may seem like an unwanted expense at first, there is the potential to save a great deal of money in the long run. IT costs per employee have been proven to decrease in companies that implement video conferencing. Also, the less time employees spend traveling to meetings means more savings on travel expenses. Businesses who utilize video conferencing also engage in more personal interactions, which is a key factor in company growth.

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