Monday, October 9, 2017

Making a Video Wall Work for Your Business

When buying a video wall, many consumers have the common misconception of over or underestimating the placement of a video wall. The first step is to measure the space, but there are more factors to consider than simple measurements. Here is a look at everything that a business should consider in order to make a video wall work in their favor.


The way video displays keep from overheating is to take in fresh air while exhausting hot air. That exchange of hot and cold air should occur behind the unit, so there is a need for an ample amount of space for air flow. That is a critical component and should not be overlooked in the installation phase.


The type of content to be displayed on a video will play a large part in choosing the hardware. That causes the purchaser to decide whether the video wall will be used for video or strictly for still images. Those choices extend to utilizing interactive video as well as the option of including social media feeds.


Don’t just install a video wall because that is what the competition is doing. This is a form of marketing so make sure there is a list of achievable goals based on the installation of a video wall. That should dictate what your budget will be and once that has been established, shopping can begin within your price range.


When choosing your video wall, it is important to consider your audience. Will it be comprised of people passing by, people waiting or people lounging? The typical viewing time differs according to all three of those classifications. This will help determine the layout of your video wall as well as the type of content displayed.


Resolution has more to do with the abundance of light in a certain space. There is a need to provide a natural contrast that will enhance image quality. Resolution is generally determined by the viewing distance and overall size of the video wall. Considering text size is also important as readability is a major priority when considering placement of a video wall.

In the entertainment industry, video walls can immensely improve the audio visual Charlotte NC experience at live shows, expos, lounges and dance rooms. This visual enhancement is just as beneficial when used to display information and advertisement in transit stations, museums and corporate headquarters. With the tips above and some help from Smarter Systems your video wall will be a success.

Smarter Systems offers a variety of enterprise solutions in Charlotte, including video walls for all types of businesses. Our team can take care of all the intricacies of the installation process and also provide training on how to utilize your video wall. Smarter Systems is Charlotte’s top choice for audio and video solutions.