Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Evolution and History of the SMART Board

SMART Boards have recently made their way into the mainstream of both educational and business settings. However, this type of technology has been around for two and a half decades. The technology was first created in 1991 and was initially available in front and rear projections. The initial versions were equipped with only basic capabilities, but as technology improved, so did SMART Boards in Charlotte NC.

The SMART Board was not invented in America as SMART Technologies was the first to develop this innovation in Canada. It was also not an instant success as the company had to first educate the market about this new product.

In 1997, there came the introduction of notebook collaboration for educational purposes and a year later it added the capabilities of operating with Microsoft Windows applications.

Fast forward to 2001 as that was when SMART Boards adapted the capability of playing both video and audio directly off the Internet. Two years later, flat screens were implemented with SMART Board technology and the displays could be mounted on walls.

Things then began to take flight in a hurry as flat-panel displays were first introduced in 2003 and then wireless slate was incorporated two years later. That gave way to a new generation of interactive whiteboard and other types of learning software.

LCD panels are actually connected to the SMART Board and serve the function of a display. This functionality permits users to have control over computer apps while opening up a whole new realm of learning. New studies are beginning to show that the use of SMART Boards in classrooms has actually enhanced learning as evidenced by higher test scores among students.

In fact, the education sector is what paved the way for the rise of SMART Boards. Teachers first began using SMART Boards sporadically and then a company partnership with Intel helped propelled SMART Board onto an international landscape. That enabled corporate and government sectors to utilize this technology as well.

Now, there are different kinds of SMART Boards to choose from. SMART Board models now range from 55 to 84 inches in size and include 11 different varieties. Additional ports have been added to the latest models along with 4K Ultra HD resolution.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

How Digital Signage Can Translate Into Profits

More companies are continuing to acquire digital signage as part of their enterprise audio visual solutions. That can turn into a wise investment as adding digital signage can actually translate into a dramatic bump in profits.

Modernized Advertising

Digital signage has changed the dynamic of advertising. Any kind of printed advertisement has to be designed, approved, printed and distrusted. That can be a tedious process which is time consuming and costly. Furthermore, many of those printed materials get quickly tossed aside, never to be seen again. On the other hand, digital signage plays continuously, thus enabling the message to be seen by a significantly higher number of people. The ability to change the message is also much simpler than how things are done with print signage. Digital signage can be updated on a daily basis.

Cross Promotion

Since digital signage plays continuously, it opens up the opportunity for strategic partnerships. Joining forces with another company could lead to brief advertisements on one another’s digital signage. Business advertisements can also be incorporated into things like interactive city maps and digital restaurant menus. This offers more useful information to your audience and also increases brand awareness as your company message will be viewed by an entirely different audience. Social media feeds can also be included on digital signage and there is also the capability of streaming live events.

Educate Audiences

One of the most integral ways to gain new customers is to educate them about your company’s services or products. In this age, there is no better way to accomplish that task than with a visual tutorial. A wealth of information can be relayed in a short amount of time with the use of digital signage. However, it is important to make those videos intriguing enough to hold the attention of your audience.


Businesses looking to push a certain product or service first need customers to know about the promotion. This is the perfect opportunity to use digital signage in real time. The key to any successful promotion is timing. Digital signage serves as a valuable tool in spreading that message. These real-time advertisements are also much cheaper and timelier than printing up ads or even sending them out via email. The cost of these promotions is also relatively nothing.

Smarter Systems in Charlotte NC offers digital signage for retail stores, corporate offices, educational institutions, transportation centers and other settings. Take advantage of all the different templates and functions as Smarter Systems provides digital signage as part of its enterprise solutions in Charlotte.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Significance of Wireless Presentation Systems

A wireless presentation system can make the most out of any meeting while rooms that are equipped with more audio visual solutions can greatly enhance an overall presentation. Presentations no longer have to be one dimensional and can involve everyone within a room.

That actually makes presentations interactive and completely transcends what has come to be known as traditional presentations. Wireless presentation systems encourage collaboration and can connect dozens of people at once.  Here is a look at some of the advantages of using a wireless presentation system.


A wireless presentation system allows everyone to Bring Your Own Device. This allows everyone involved to connect, regardless of what kind of device, tablet or laptop they are using. This not only fosters collaboration, but can also adapt to technological changes. The Charlotte NC audio visual sector now has so many options as far as devices, which makes it important to ensure compatibility for everyone.

Meeting Rooms Can Be Everywhere

Wireless presentations can make any room can become a meeting room. A flat screen display can quickly turn an ordinary office into a dynamic meeting room. Corporate offices with these capabilities have the potential to hold multiple presentations at one time and offer a good deal of flexibility to personnel and clients. More conventional meeting rooms are typically furnished with technology that is not capable of adapting to change.

Cost Effectiveness

A wireless presentation system is extremely cost effective in that it does not require any changes made by an IT professional. There is also no need to make any individual adjustments to meet the specific needs of each presentation.

Out With The Old

Unsightly cables, bulky desktops and connectivity boxes can all be a thing of the past in your new conference room. Wireless presentation solutions are also space savers. Participants can use their own personal devices, which can appear on a large screen with a simple click of a button. This convenience also makes a difference in the way conference rooms are furnished and set up. Conventional setups can also be a thing of the past with wireless presentation systems.

Smarter Systems can turn your old conference room into a modern space equipped with innovative audio and video solutions. The future is now as our team can install a wireless presentation system that has an endless amount of possibilities. For the best enterprise solutions in Charlotte, contact Smarter Systems today.