Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Significance of Wireless Presentation Systems

A wireless presentation system can make the most out of any meeting while rooms that are equipped with more audio visual solutions can greatly enhance an overall presentation. Presentations no longer have to be one dimensional and can involve everyone within a room.

That actually makes presentations interactive and completely transcends what has come to be known as traditional presentations. Wireless presentation systems encourage collaboration and can connect dozens of people at once.  Here is a look at some of the advantages of using a wireless presentation system.


A wireless presentation system allows everyone to Bring Your Own Device. This allows everyone involved to connect, regardless of what kind of device, tablet or laptop they are using. This not only fosters collaboration, but can also adapt to technological changes. The Charlotte NC audio visual sector now has so many options as far as devices, which makes it important to ensure compatibility for everyone.

Meeting Rooms Can Be Everywhere

Wireless presentations can make any room can become a meeting room. A flat screen display can quickly turn an ordinary office into a dynamic meeting room. Corporate offices with these capabilities have the potential to hold multiple presentations at one time and offer a good deal of flexibility to personnel and clients. More conventional meeting rooms are typically furnished with technology that is not capable of adapting to change.

Cost Effectiveness

A wireless presentation system is extremely cost effective in that it does not require any changes made by an IT professional. There is also no need to make any individual adjustments to meet the specific needs of each presentation.

Out With The Old

Unsightly cables, bulky desktops and connectivity boxes can all be a thing of the past in your new conference room. Wireless presentation solutions are also space savers. Participants can use their own personal devices, which can appear on a large screen with a simple click of a button. This convenience also makes a difference in the way conference rooms are furnished and set up. Conventional setups can also be a thing of the past with wireless presentation systems.

Smarter Systems can turn your old conference room into a modern space equipped with innovative audio and video solutions. The future is now as our team can install a wireless presentation system that has an endless amount of possibilities. For the best enterprise solutions in Charlotte, contact Smarter Systems today.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Integrating SMART Boards and Video Conferencing

SMART Boards and video conferencing have both become very powerful tools in the business world. Integrating the two technologies provides an even greater amount of benefits and here is a closer look at how that combination has enhanced modern-day business.


Video conferencing on its own lacks the interaction aspect that comes with a SMART Board. On its own, video conferencing relies upon participants in training sessions, meetings and conferences to bring their own materials. Even if those materials are sent via email, there is no guarantee that participants will have it in hand. With a SMART Board, there is no way any participant will be unprepared.


It is obvious that video conferencing allows for a new way of communicating, but adding in a SMART Board changes those overall capabilities. The visual aspect is not only enhanced, but brought to life in real time. Changes can be made right there as participants can actually see them happening and offer their thoughts as well. This enhances collaboration as participants can actually communicate on making improvements in that moment.


Employee training typically brings people together at one location for a specified amount of time. Now, with SMART Board and video conferencing, training saves time and can be done from remote locations. On-site training can occur without trainees actually being on site. This enhances the training experience in numerous ways. Trainers can explain things visually and can also offer resources via a SMART Board. Being able to see the trainer and training materials simultaneously helps immensely in grasping all of the concepts being conveyed.


Video conferences combined with the use of SMART Boards allow for projects to be discussed and modified. The video aspect also shows the expressions among participants. If someone is not truly on board with suggestions or changes, chances are that will show up in their mannerisms. Also, adding a document or spreadsheet during an actual meeting is a lot more difficult without the use of a SMART Board. This technological combination brings a whole new level of collaboration as conferences are no longer limited to conversations, but have the capability of action.

Smarter Systems can bring a whole new dynamic to your business conferences. We provide a vast selection of SMART Boards and video solutions to Charlotte business owners and educational systems. Get started on the future today by contacting the professionals at Smarter Systems.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Making a Video Wall Work for Your Business

When buying a video wall, many consumers have the common misconception of over or underestimating the placement of a video wall. The first step is to measure the space, but there are more factors to consider than simple measurements. Here is a look at everything that a business should consider in order to make a video wall work in their favor.


The way video displays keep from overheating is to take in fresh air while exhausting hot air. That exchange of hot and cold air should occur behind the unit, so there is a need for an ample amount of space for air flow. That is a critical component and should not be overlooked in the installation phase.


The type of content to be displayed on a video will play a large part in choosing the hardware. That causes the purchaser to decide whether the video wall will be used for video or strictly for still images. Those choices extend to utilizing interactive video as well as the option of including social media feeds.


Don’t just install a video wall because that is what the competition is doing. This is a form of marketing so make sure there is a list of achievable goals based on the installation of a video wall. That should dictate what your budget will be and once that has been established, shopping can begin within your price range.


When choosing your video wall, it is important to consider your audience. Will it be comprised of people passing by, people waiting or people lounging? The typical viewing time differs according to all three of those classifications. This will help determine the layout of your video wall as well as the type of content displayed.


Resolution has more to do with the abundance of light in a certain space. There is a need to provide a natural contrast that will enhance image quality. Resolution is generally determined by the viewing distance and overall size of the video wall. Considering text size is also important as readability is a major priority when considering placement of a video wall.

In the entertainment industry, video walls can immensely improve the audio visual Charlotte NC experience at live shows, expos, lounges and dance rooms. This visual enhancement is just as beneficial when used to display information and advertisement in transit stations, museums and corporate headquarters. With the tips above and some help from Smarter Systems your video wall will be a success.

Smarter Systems offers a variety of enterprise solutions in Charlotte, including video walls for all types of businesses. Our team can take care of all the intricacies of the installation process and also provide training on how to utilize your video wall. Smarter Systems is Charlotte’s top choice for audio and video solutions.

Friday, September 15, 2017

SMART Boards Come In Handy In the Business World

SMART Boards are revolutionizing the business world as they have opened up a wealth of possibilities. Here is a closer look at the numerous benefits that businesses can expect when utilizing SMART Boards within their workplace.


Enhanced Collaboration

The days of the old power point presentations are a thing of the past as business meetings can foster collaboration with the use of SMART Boards. That doesn’t negate the value of information that can be presented, but changes the entire way business meetings are conducted.  The entire presentation can actually be modified as the accessibility of SMART Boards reinforces the team concept and allows others to offer their own input.

Conferencing Possibilities

Remote users can sit in on meetings and communicate their thoughts while also helping to make real-time changes. Business conference calls can actually turn into interactive meetings with the use of SMART Boards. This along with video conferencing can also be used for remote training as workshops and seminars can be conducted with employees anywhere in the world.


One of the major benefits of SMART Boards is that there are few limits as to what kind of media is capable of being displayed. Any program connected to the host system can be shown on the SMART Board. There is even specialized software that allows for the creation of a virtual notebook, which can include a wide variety of media. All of that material is capable of being adjusted on the SMART Board, which enhances both presentations, meetings and training.

Online Accessibility

At any point in a meeting, online statistics, facts and figures can be incorporated onto a SMART Board. There are an immensity of online business tools and all of those can be presented in real-time. Gone are the days of quoting information in a presentation as that information can now be displayed directly onto a SMART Board.


So much waste is eliminated when using SMART Boards. This option does away with excess paper, ink and also eliminates the ongoing need to photocopy and print. Moreover, memos, training manuals and other types of informational pieces are often read once and tossed aside. Not only is all of that avoided with a SMART Board, but information is also stored more conveniently and efficiently. 

Smarter Systems is ready to bring all of the benefits of SMART Board technology to your business. Our team of professionals provides complete installation and training. Purchasing a SMART Board Charlotte has never been easier or more convenient as it is now with the assistance of Smarter Systems.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

How Video Conferencing Has Changed the Business World

The benefits of video conferencing have been largely documented, although it is important to recognize how those benefits are changing the business world. Here is a closer look at how video conferencing has changed modern day business.

More Focus on Work

With video conferencing, the actual focus of work is now on the work itself. Many traditional jobs require painstaking commutes and lots of travel time spent going from meeting to meeting. Video conferencing alleviates those issues, but more importantly, it allows business professionals to focus on the specifics of their work. Furthermore, travel time can wear on professionals which means they will not always be at their sharpest during meetings and actual interactions.


The modern interview process has changed because of video conferencing capabilities. This has made it easier for candidates to apply for positions out of their local area. This has also opened up the pool of candidates for businesses. It has reached the point where many businesses and applicants actually prefer initial interviews via video conference Charlotte NC. There is also the advantage of fitting interviews into tight schedules since it does not require travel time.

Demand for Quality

The younger generation has grown up with technology and are very in-tune with all of its advantages. That has enabled video conferencing to break into the mainstream, but it also places a high demand on quality. High definition video solutions have become the norm for the younger generation and as those professionals grow into industry leaders, the staple for video conferencing will continually be raised. That has actually made the area of video solutions a much higher priority for businesses as young professionals now look for these resources when job searching.

Reduction In Costs

While purchasing new audio visual solutions may seem like an unwanted expense at first, there is the potential to save a great deal of money in the long run. IT costs per employee have been proven to decrease in companies that implement video conferencing. Also, the less time employees spend traveling to meetings means more savings on travel expenses. Businesses who utilize video conferencing also engage in more personal interactions, which is a key factor in company growth.

The experts at Smarter Systems is ready to install the video conferencing platform of your choice. Our team will also provide the necessary training as we offer a variety of video and enterprise solutions in Charlotte. Smarter Systems is ready to upgrade your business to the digital age with a host of options from the industry’s top providers.