Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Integrating SMART Boards and Video Conferencing

SMART Boards and video conferencing have both become very powerful tools in the business world. Integrating the two technologies provides an even greater amount of benefits and here is a closer look at how that combination has enhanced modern-day business.


Video conferencing on its own lacks the interaction aspect that comes with a SMART Board. On its own, video conferencing relies upon participants in training sessions, meetings and conferences to bring their own materials. Even if those materials are sent via email, there is no guarantee that participants will have it in hand. With a SMART Board, there is no way any participant will be unprepared.


It is obvious that video conferencing allows for a new way of communicating, but adding in a SMART Board changes those overall capabilities. The visual aspect is not only enhanced, but brought to life in real time. Changes can be made right there as participants can actually see them happening and offer their thoughts as well. This enhances collaboration as participants can actually communicate on making improvements in that moment.


Employee training typically brings people together at one location for a specified amount of time. Now, with SMART Board and video conferencing, training saves time and can be done from remote locations. On-site training can occur without trainees actually being on site. This enhances the training experience in numerous ways. Trainers can explain things visually and can also offer resources via a SMART Board. Being able to see the trainer and training materials simultaneously helps immensely in grasping all of the concepts being conveyed.


Video conferences combined with the use of SMART Boards allow for projects to be discussed and modified. The video aspect also shows the expressions among participants. If someone is not truly on board with suggestions or changes, chances are that will show up in their mannerisms. Also, adding a document or spreadsheet during an actual meeting is a lot more difficult without the use of a SMART Board. This technological combination brings a whole new level of collaboration as conferences are no longer limited to conversations, but have the capability of action.

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