Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What to Look for When Choosing the Right In-Office Display for Your Business

A video display is an extremely important component when it comes to group collaboration within your business. That is why it is essential to choose the right interactive flat panel display when investing in this type of technology. In combination with apps, software, and other hardware this will act as more than just a display, but a unique way for employees to collaborate. Here are some helpful hints on how to choose the right displays for your business.

Consider the Perks

Some display systems, like SMART boards, are actually built with the awareness to differentiate between what is being used on the screen as a digital tool. That means the display can recognize when a fingertip, palm or pen is touching the screen. That built-in awareness allows the digital tool to change automatically without having to make any adjustments manually. Just walk up to the display and start using it and the object awareness will adjust itself. 

architect editing plans on a touch screen Smart Board display, business technology

To maximize the efficiency of that touch display, it is important to choose one that is equipped with a surface coating. This differs from a panel that is uncoated as those versions have a tendency to offer less protection for your fingers when moving along the display.

What to Avoid

Avoid any accessories that use batteries. This includes passive pens that use digital ink for writing purposes. Choosing items with batteries means that they are prone to fail sooner or later. It would be quite embarrassing to need to stop a video conference or presentation midstream to change a battery.
It is also recommended to avoid any kind of display that uses a remote control to power it on. These also rely on batteries and can lead to unexpected problems at critical moments.

Look for Convenience

Updates are now a whole lot easier and that is due to the technology that is embedded into video displays. No longer do you need to call an IT professional to take care of system updates. Many display systems can be updated from all types of wireless devices. To further enhance the safety features, interactive displays operate on closed systems which prevent the installation of any additional software.

Outfitting your office with the right type of flat panel display could greatly enhance the overall work environment and productivity of employees. Smarter Systems is here the help you make the best decision and has audio video services for all types of businesses. Products, training and installation are all available at Smarter Systems, the best video and audio solutions Charlotte, NC has to offer.