Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Overhaul your meeting space: How much will it cost?

Conference room technology evolves constantly. You recognize the need for upgrades in your office but don't know where to start or what it will cost. We know, it can be difficult. So we're laying out how to figure out what fits in your budget.

The essentials

There are 4 essential parts of conference room technology. You'll want to consider how to address each of these in your meeting space:

  1. Display – How you view content. This can range from a TV to a projection screen to an interactive wall or Smart Board.
  2. Sound – How you hear audio. This can range from display speakers to a soundbar, to multiple ceiling and wall speakers.
  3. Communication – How you talk to users outside of your space. This can range from a phone to a VOIP phone with soft conferencing, to a sophisticated system allowing multiple users to talk from anywhere in the room.
  4. Connection/Control - How you connect sources of your content such as PC's, phones, or tablets and how you control the various pieces of electronic equipment in your room – This can range from an HDMI cable to wireless, to touch panels and iPad Room schedulers.

The solutions

There are unlimited options to pick and choose so we've put our most popular options into two categories:

Our baseline category represents a basic plan to outfit your space with Audio Visual essentials. Here’s where to start your budget with Baseline options:
    • Huddle Room $1,500
    • Small Conference Room $1,900
    • Medium Conference Room $2,200
    • Large Conference Room $7,000
    • Training Room $25,000
    • Open Ideation Space $10,000 
Open Ideation Space using a Nureva Wall

Upgrade Options

Our Upgrade category gives you add-on options designed to give your team more capabilities.

Want to know what equipment is our most popular baseline and upgrade solutions? Our free guide is set up by space and solutions.

As you can tell, the easy answer to your pricing question is "it depends". But this will help you get your budget started. If you are ready for a free room assessment, call the Smarter Systems team today.